Techniques used are based on the FreeMind system which recognises the intrinsic perfection of every person, believing that the primary source of healing is inside us all.

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Hypnotherapy can help with:

Managing weight and food/drink intakes, promoting self-belief & confidence, combating inertia & increasing motivation, sleeping well and waking refreshed, overcoming phobias, changing unwanted habits, calming exam nerves, enhancing performance and presentation skills, etc.’



Individual sessions








Group sessions


Free initial consultation

1 session £70

2 sessions £130 (£65 each)

3-6 sessions £180-£360 (£60 each)

On-going sessions agreed accordingly


(Smoking cessation min 2 sessions)


Group experience/talks/training sessions for self-hypnosis and meditation can be organised at our training hub £150/ph (10 learners max)

This can be arranged at a venue closer to you however costs may vary.

What is hypnotherapy?

'Hypnosis' is a natural state experienced by everyone every day, on waking, and drifting off to sleep, going into ‘autopilot’, daydreaming, or in a natural flow or thought or activity.  'Hypnotherapy' is taking control of that special, unconscious state of mind, so that we can positively improve the way we think, feel and do things.

Five Benefits of Hypnotherapy


• Attaining a more peaceful state of mind

• Empowerment and unleashing potential

• Making happier relationships with myself and others

• Improving well-being through healthier choices

• Enjoying more success and being my personal best


Some Facts to Remember When Being Hypnotised


• You are in control and can stop when you want

• You will remember everything that you want to

• The session is designed in alignment with your needs

• Most people can be hypnotised if they want to be

• Aims and suggestions are carefully determined


What clients are saying?

On ‘sleep and insomnia’


“On the first session we spoke at length …. on what could be causing me to struggle to sleep.  This alone I found very beneficial as Anne touched upon and brought out things which I was not aware of.  After the second session my sleep had improved between shifts.  A third deeper session felt like it was a success built on an already improved sleep pattern.  I will definitely say my experience has been positive."


 Rachael, Nurse


On ‘motivation’


“I really like the structure of the sessions Anne delivered, they ran for the right amount of time, and I always left feeling great …... Having previously been a little sceptical about hypnotherapy, I can honestly say I am amazed at the process”


 Oliver, Manager/Builder

On ‘healthier eating'


“.. from the outset Anne made me feel she was very much ‘on my side’.  I was impressed by the depth of relaxation I gained.  I was able to reduce portion sizes … stopped snacking between meals, and easily resisted the onset of ‘evening munchies’.  At the third session … I awoke feeling extremely relaxed and refreshed.  I really felt that the process was working for me..."


 Peter, Artist and Teacher


Where are we?

Click here for Google Maps - We are still waiting to be verified, but are located in the building directly east of 'Beer Buddies'

Unit 8, Rural Workshops

Carleen, Helston, Cornwall, TR13 9NW

SeaChange Hypnotherapy in Cornwall – enjoy greater levels of health, happiness and success.  Overcome challenges, change your outlook, and improve your quality of life in peaceful surroundings.

SeaChange services

A brief introduction



My role as a hypnotherapist is to empower each and every one of my clients to uncover and release their own capability and confidence.  The system is built around the core value that our work as therapists must honour and support the psychological, emotional and personal essence of every client.

As a mindfulness practitioner, I use meditation to facilitate focus and acceptance, this is key to the relaxation process and this stands alone in its value.  However, these two practises can work well together and are often ‘dove-tailed’ to enable on-going meditation and self-hypnosis.

Contact details

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Tel: 07970 449315



SeaChange Hypnotherapy

 Unit 8 Rural Workshop

Wheal Vor Carleen

Nr. Helston Cornwall

TR13 9NW

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